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Cut by Beam return to Hobarts for their 3rd Universal Laser!
Hobarts are delighted to once again be working with Cut By Beam of Cornwall, who have purchased their 3rd Universal Laser! After working with a VLS6.60 and VLS4.60 Universal laser over the last few years, Cut By Beam were keenFind out More
Universal Lasers Systems expand digital manufacturing with advanced subtractive laser technology
The success of modern product development and manufacturing efforts depends increasingly on being able to iterate quickly, test innovative ideas, and shorten time to market. Products must be designed, materials evaluated, prototypes tested, and parts manufactured faster than ever. WithFind out More
Greenwich University New ILS Laser Cutter
The University of Greenwich upgrade to an ILS9
Hobarts were delighted to be contacted by the University of Greenwich when looking to upgrade their X660 Laser   After discussing the departments needs in detail it was decided the ILS9.150D – 100 watt laser was the perfect choice.  Find out More
Coventry University Hobarts Hero
Coventry University take ownership of their 6th Universal machine!
Hobarts are delighted to work with The School of Art and Design Department at Coventry University who were looking to purchase new laser for the department to replace an old system.   After discussing the departments needs in detail itFind out More
Summer Fields School of Oxford add a VLS6.60 to their design technology department
Replacing an old machine, Summer Fields School now have an excellent new laser system ready to tackle the most demanding of applications.   The 810 x 457mm bed size is large enough to accommodate most requirements, paired with the 50Find out More
Brexit Planning
Hobarts finalise plans for Brexit
Fed up with Doom & Gloom? Then let’s start with some good news...   Wood products We will pass on any savings resulting from Brexit to our customers. Once the UK has left the EU then the tariffs on woodFind out More
3D printing Health & Safety Law change for schools & colleges
  Over recent years there has been an increase in the use of 3D printing in schools and colleges. Whilst this is an exciting and innovative new technology, there is now evidence that there are health and safety risks associatedFind out More
Software for Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines
There are a variety of software programs commonly used to design graphic files for laser processing. These programs include text, graphic design and layout, photo editing, CAD/engineering design, and serialization and coding software. Here is a list of some ofFind out More