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Machinery: 3D printers and high quality laser cutting, marking & engraving systems
Materials: Hobarts is a leading supplier of laser-friendly materials to education and industry
Manufacturing: Hobarts has 20 years experience in manufacturing cast acrylic products  


Hobarts supply laser cutters and 3D printers and have gained vast experience in both processes ensuring you receive the best possible product advice


Here you will find a selection of finished products that are ready to personalise. These products are aimed at schools' business enterprise schemes, promotions & event companies, printers, trophy and engraving shops and anyone else looking for a high quality product or business gift.

Awards & Tombstones

We've been manufacturing acrylic products such as awards and financial tombstones for 19 years. Also known as Lucites or Deal Toys we have been suppliers to the banking & finance sectors throughout this time.


This is where all you budding product designers should head for. You might find our service refreshingly different.

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Finance & Rental

Increasingly, customers are discovering the benefits of lease rental where budgeting is simple and servicing & support can be built into the plan. 

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Service & Support

With over 500 installations throughout the UK supported by the best trained technicians, your investment is in safe hands.

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If you are looking to buy a laser cutter of any size Hobarts are number one in my book and a pleasure to do business with