Award winning Jamie Fobert Architects work with Hobarts to purchase a new laser

Since its establishment in 1996, Jamie Fobert Architects has become renowned for their groundbreaking and awe-inspiring architectural design projects.


Jamie Forbert Architects Work

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Jamie Fobert collaborates with a diverse clientele, ranging from individual homeowners to prominent cultural organisations and global retailers. They consistently apply their innovative approach to transform client aspirations and site complexities into a tangible architecture that harmonises volume, material, and light.

After an initial consultation with Jamie Fobert and careful consideration it was decided the VLS4.75 – 50-Watt laser was the best option to suit their needs.


VLS4.75 Laser install at Jamie Fobert Architects


VLS4.75 Laser Cutter

The VLS4.75 is a free-standing platform with a materials processing envelope of 610 x 457 x 216 mm or 60,214 cm³. The single laser platform supports a 10.6µm CO2 laser source ranging in power from 10 to 75 watts or one 9.3µm CO2 30 watt, 50 watt, or 75 watt laser source. 


Laser Features

Air-Cooled Laser Source - Because our laser sources are air-cooled, no complicated liquid cooling systems are required.

High Reliability, Excellent Power Stability - Our laser sources provide consistent power for predictably excellent processing results.

Laser Fan Control (to reduce noise) - Universal’s lasers are all air cooled by computer-controlled fans. Fan speed is reduced or increased as a function of laser temperature, reducing noise levels when the lasers are being used on lower power settings.

Laser Pointer - A red laser pointer is installed for easy material alignment.

Patented Cross-Platform Compatibility - Laser sources can be freely interchanged between laser platforms.

Patented Free-Space Gas Slab Laser Design - Our patented laser sources use free-space gas slab resonators to produce an excellent quality beam with even power distribution and good near and far field characteristics.

Patented Pre-Aligned Laser Sources - Laser sources are pre-aligned at the factory and do not need to be internally realigned.

Smart Laser Source Technology - Because we manufacture our own lasers, Universal’s lasers can communicate their model number to the laser system CPU, allowing the laser system to automatically choose the right settings for a particular material based on available laser power.


Various accessories can also be purchased to customise the VLS4.75 laser cutter. View our product page to download the full specifications here.


VLS4.75 Laser Cutter


Hobarts are delighted to be working with such a prestigious architect and look forward to working with and supporting Jamie Fobert Architects in the future.


Service Plans


Hobarts make it easy to keep a laser cutter running perfectly year on year, with our range of service plans.

We offer the most inclusive and competitive service plans available.

For every machine serviced we will carry out a comprehensive 100 point check to ensure the machine is working at its peak performance. Very few of our customers who are in regular service plans ever require an emergency visit due to our stringent and preventative servicing methods.


See our range of service plans here