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Great new product

This new Oak Veneered board works extremely well for laser engraving and cutting, as it is a veneer, care needs to be taken to not engrave too close to the edge or you can get some small amounts of breakout.

Excellent product Aviation

Used in the modernised cockpit of a WW1 Sopwith Strutter Bi Plane, diode lasers work great with this

Darren Bentley
Perfect for metal marking

We get fantastic results using Enduramak and Hobarts sent it out in good speed for us to complete a big order.

Service and quality

Excellent service. Quality was very high, and my strict requirement on thickness was met perfectly.

Good replacement for my laser cabinet as after 5 years my one cracked leaning on it

Replaced my laser top panel as I'd leaned on it and cracked it so finally got around to replace it and go a little thicker than what they put in

Fantastic quality and service

Hobart’s are exceptional. Always on hand to help

Excellent product

Cuts well. Looks great

Cuts lovely in my Xtool M1

I’ve not been disappointed with the MDF , the MDF isn’t dusty in my machine and cut lovely with just one pass and have created some really lovely Christmas projects . This is the second batch of MDF I’ve purchased

Cuts Great

Good quality cuts great

Cuts really well

The black mdf cut and engraved well. It did make quite a bit of black dust so there is some clean up afterwards. I was also a bit clumsy with superglue and found it almost impossible to remove the marks it left so when I varnished you could see the over-spill. Would definitely use again (just more carefully).

Good quality wood perfect for laser cutting


As always, good products

all arrived in good condition

and quickly


Good quality product, neatly cut with a nice finish. Not 100% flat for the laser bed so one or two sheets needed clamping down, which works

A large order so some variation

On the whole the product is very good. I did place a very large order and have had a few issues with variation in uniformity, density and thickness. Still would definitely buy again when on sale.

Good purchase

The balsa was delivered fairly wellpacked and arrived undamaged. Quite a hard grade, better than too soft, very slight thicknes variation across some sheets. Overall - good/excellent .

Thin but strong

When making fine details like fencing, handrails or window glazing bars in N gauge I find the 0.6mm Polybak quite strong.even when the remaining part width is about 0.4mm. I don't have to worry about rough handling with my 0 gauge fingers.

Ideal for labels and placards.

Used with a 10w diode laser at only 10% power the lettering is clear and distinct. The adhesive backing makes this material for ideal for placarding which, strangely enough, is exactly what I used it for.
The only downside is the smell so I strongly advise using an enclosure with extraction and let it vent for a few minutes before opening.

Great products

As always great product, on time delivery. Very little warping and easy to cut.

Easy to order, Fast Delivery and great product

I have used Hobarts a few times now and have never failed to be impressed by various options, the ease of ordering, the speed of delivery and the quality of the product.

Perspex® Clear Cast Acrylic 6mm-10mm

Great Service

Fast delivery and good quality products

Exactly what I was expecting, and wanted

Great quality, good price.
Will buy again

Great Service as always

I have been buying from Hobart laserables for a number of years and have never been disappointed with either the product or the service ! Thank you :)