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Excellent Quality that cuts perfectly with a laser

Bought to make wedding toppers for as a trial. The customer loved them and is planning on ordering them for the weddings she organises.
Cuts easily leaving a flame clean polished cut.

Great material

Really good quality material that really looks the part! I've purchased Glowforge materials before that simply don't emulate premium non MDF materials well at all but this really ticks the boxes, I will be purchasing more in the future!

Great brushed silver laminate!

As a model maker it’s very difficult to find laser compatible materials which also work at a reduced scale. This laminate has a nice fine texture which gives a convincing brushed metal effect with just the right amount of gloss finish. Looks just like metal.

4.0mm laser-grade MDF

Hobarts 4.0mm laser-grade MDF is an absolute game-changer! The precision and quality of this material have truly elevated the standard of my laser cutting projects. I can confidently say that Hobarts MDF has become an indispensable part of my creative process. If you're looking for top-notch results, look no further than Hobarts!

Worked for me

Never tried this product before but works great for my small laser thank you

Nicely cut

Nicely cut, exactly as I was expecting, arrived well packaged.

Laser flex

Ive not used as thin as this for laser laminate but wanted to give it a try like most other materials. I was happy with it just not blown away. What I do like about Hobart's is the fact they will sell small amounts at reasonable prices. They are always very helpful and they get the products sent out in record time. The product is 4 stars but Hobarts service and business model is 10 stars all day long

top class

Excellent product, engraves really nicely, great service.
All in all top notch

Product performance

Cuts great, and hold the detail. Stinks to high heaven. Good extraction on laser a must, and a thorough wash after cutting, both the rubber and yourself. I will be buying again when i have cut though and sold what i have.

Great quality mdf

Great quality oak MDF good price, fast delivery would highly recommend them. Will always buy wood from this company

Eye Catching Acrylic

I ordered a marble rainbow pack, and wow! It really stands out. Cuts beautifully and looks stunning and is good value for money.

3mm Bamboo

Cuts well and produces to square edge. Does have occasional long splinter.

10mm thick clear cast acrylic

Nice material to cut with a laser but must use a CO2 machine, a diode machine will not touch it. Laser cut edges are clean and not charred. Somewhat brittle and will break on impact but will not shatter.
Considerably more expansive than glass.


Great product. Cuts excellent and is very sturdy. My customer was very happy with the results.

Wicked product

We use a lot of MDF in our work shop but nearly always need to paint after laser cutting due to scorch marks, but not with this product a light sand of the cut edges and super easy clean up. We laser engraved our logo into it and the results are very pleasing. We will be using a lot more of the product in the future.

6.0mm "Short Groove" Flexible MDF 600x400mm

Not just for lasers

I bought the 3mm black/white laminate to use in my micro-mill machine for making electrical switch panels for my boat. The laminate proved to be perfect for the job, it's tough but not abrasive for the cutter and produced a crisp, clean edge with a 0.2mm 20 degree v-bit. I used quite a bit setting up the machine, so I got to try a few different settings, but the laminate produced great results every time. I'll be back to buy more when I need to do the next project :)

Excellent Product

The plywood is perfect for laser cutting and I would highly recommend this product. Both the service and delivery were were amazing, thank you.

Excellent service as always

Product delivered fast and staff super helpful as ever, thank you

Sheet material

Good product delivered quickly

Good customer service

Great prices and delivery very prompt. Very good quality materials.
Will order again

Great material! The thickness is always consistent and the quality is amazing.

3.0mm Red (mid red) Perspex® cast acrylic

Laserboard 0.9mm Test

Laserboard, regardless of the thickness cuts well on lasers without burning. We have been using Laserboard for some years now. One of the many good things about Laserboard is it can be cut using a modeling knife.

Les Harrison (SEQST)