Our shipping rates/rules change with effect from 14.02.2024

UK Mainland
Our charge is £6.50 for a parcel weighing up to 5kg 

Then £7.50 per parcel of up to 25kg ie

Up to 25kg = £7.50
Up to 50kg = £15.00
Up to 75kg = £22.50 etc


Remote Areas: There is a £4.95 surcharge (for the first parcel) for those living in remote areas. This is mainly the Scottish Highlands and Islands. See full list of postcodes affected can be seen at foot of this page.

Extra long packages: There is a £5.50 surcharge for items exceeding 1100mm.


Overseas shipping

Please note we only ship to European countries (not just the EU). The full list is: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & Ukraine. Also Andorra, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, San Marino & Vatican City.

Malta: Shipping to Malta is expensive so please request a quote.

Cyprus: We have a distributor in Cyprus who stocks some Laser-friendly timber. It is cheaper to buy acrylic locally than have it shipped.

Charges are in bands of 25kg. ie 25kg, 50kg, 75kg and 100kg etc

Zone 1 – normally 2 to 3 days - prices start from £29.00
Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco & the Netherlands

Zone 2 – normally 3 days - prices start from £31.00
Italy, Portugal & Spain

Zone 3 – normally 3 to 4 days - prices start from £34.00
Austria, Channel Islands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Poland & Sweden

Zone 4 – normally 4 to 6 days  - prices start from £36.00
Bulgaria Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia & Slovakia

Zone 5 - normally 4 to 7 days - prices start from £39.00
Andorra, Bosnia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Serbia & Switzerland

*IMPORTANT. These are guide prices only and correct at 14.02.2024. Prices are changing rapidly as fuel prices have become so volatile. Final prices are calculated on your order.

Remote Area postcodes

AB31 4 DG7 1 IM8 IV40 PA20 PA65 PH36
AB31 5 DG7 2 IM9 IV41 PA21 PA66 PH37
AB31 6 DG7 3 IM99 IV42 PA22 PA67 PH38
AB31 9 DG8 0 IV1 IV43 PA23 PA68 PH39
AB33 8 DG8 6 IV2 IV44 PA24 PA69 PH40
AB34 4 DG8 7 IV3 IV45 PA25 PA70 PH41
AB34 5 DG8 8 IV4 IV46 PA26 PA71 PH42
AB35 DG8 9 IV5 IV47 PA27 PA72 PH43
AB36 DG9 0 IV6 IV48 PA28 PA73 PH44
AB37 DG9 7 IV7 IV49 PA29 PA74 PH49
AB38 DG9 8 IV8 IV51 PA30 PA75 PH50
AB44 1 DG9 9 IV9 IV52 PA31 PA76 PO30
AB45 1 FK17 IV10 IV53 PA32 PA77 PO31
AB45 2 FK18 IV11 IV54 PA33 PA78 P032
AB45 3 FK19 IV12 IV55 PA34 PA80 PO33
AB53 4 FK20 IV13 IV56 PA35 PH8 PO34
AB53 5 FK21 IV14 IV63 PA36 PH9 PO35
AB53 6 G63 0 IV15 KA27 PA37 PH15 PO36
AB53 8 G63 9 IV16 KA28 PA38 PH16 PO37
AB53 9 HS1 IV17 KW1 PA39 PH17 PO38
AB54 4 HS2 IV18 KW2 PA40 PH18 PO39
AB54 6 HS3 IV19 KW3 PA41 PH19 PO40
AB54 7 HS4 IV20 KW5 PA42 PH20 PO41
AB54 8 HS5 IV21 KW6 PA43 PH21 TR21
AB54 9 HS6 IV22 KW7 PA44 PH22 TR22
AB55 4 HS7 IV23 KW8 PA45 PH23 TE23
AB55 5 HS8 IV24 KW9 PA46 PH24 TR24
AB55 6 HS9 IV25 KW10 PA47 PH25 TR25
AB56 1 IM1 IV26 KW11 PA48 PH26 ZE1
AB56 4 IM2 IV27 KW12 PA49 PH30 ZE2
AB56 5 IM3 IV28 KW13 PA60 PH31 ZE3
DG3 4 IM4 IV30 KW14 PA61 PH32 -
DG3 5 IM5 IV31 KW15 PA62 PH33 -
DG4 6 IM6 IV32 KW16 PA63 PH34 -
DG6 4 IM7 IV36 KW17 PA64 PH35 -