A person conducting maintenance on a laser cutter machine, adjusting its components.

Hobarts is the leading Universal distributor in the UK. We have been awarded the Top Distributor award in Europe coming second worldwide.

Here are some of the reasons why we are still Universal’s number 1 in the UK after 22 years of selling and supporting their machines.

Support & Service - HobartsService & Support - Hobarts

Our emphasis has always been on providing excellent training and first class after-sales service. See the testimonials on our website. They give you an example of what you can expect.

We currently support over 750 systems in Industry, Education and Government nationwide.

We are the only UK distributor qualified to install and train customers on the full range of Universal machines. Other distributors will have to use ULS staff to install them with all the additional costs this entails.

Most companies offering Universal systems support carry minimal or no stock parts. We know this because we’ve often supplied belts, bearings and lenses which should be in any respectable technician’s tool box. Also, if the distributor does not carry sufficient parts, you will likely have to pay international shipping costs to get them to the UK.

At any one time, Hobarts will stock £50,000 worth of spare parts including CPUs and laser cartridges. If any of our customers experience a fault, they know we will respond faster than anyone.

Our technicians are simply the best trained in the business. We have regular training sessions to keep them abreast of the latest machines and these courses will take place at either at Hobarts head office or at Universal’s facilities in Austria or the US.

DBS Checks
Our technicians all undergo DBS checks. It’s not that, for one minute, we doubt the integrity of our staff, but it has a practical benefit for our customers. It means that our technicians can carry out services in educational environments without being chaperoned by a member of staff, allowing teachers to continue teaching.

This is an example of the lengths we are prepared go to to make life a little easier for our customers.

LEV testing
We can provide technicians to visit and carry out tests to ensure you extraction systems is working. This is a legal requirement and needs to be carried out at least every 14 months.

Laser Cutter Maintenance

We offer the most inclusive and competitive service plans available. Hobarts Educational Service Plan has had its price frozen for the 14th consecutive year!

For every machine serviced we will carry out a comprehensive 100 point check to ensure the machine is working at its peak performance. Very few of our customers who are in regular service plans ever require an emergency visit due to our stringent and preventative servicing methods.

We have a database full of support and diagnostic material meaning whatever the circumstance we have the data to get our customer operational as quickly as possible. 95% of our support calls are resolved over the phone with no visit required.



Travel & subsistence expenses are chargeable

Scottish customers

Please request a quotation. No surcharge is made for customers in the main Scottish cities but extra charges will apply to those in remote areas.

To setup a service plan for your Universal laser please call 0333 900 8700 or use our Contact Form

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