Bradford Grammar School acquires another cutting-edge Universal Laser!

Bradford Grammar School acquires another cutting-edge VLS3.75 Universal Laser and BOFA AD Oracle IQ Extraction Unit from Hobarts.


Bradford Grammar VLS3.75 Laser Install By Hobarts


We were thrilled when Bradford Grammar School reached out to us earlier this year. They were in need of an additional laser cutter, and after a decade of successful collaboration with Universal Lasers, there was no doubt about the brand they would choose. Now, Bradford Grammar is proud to own a VLS3.75 – a remarkable 50 Watt Laser that is sure to enhance their collection.

Although the VLS3.75 is the smallest in the VLS platform range, it boasts an impressive working area of 610mm x 305mm. With its 50 Watts of power, this laser is incredibly versatile, capable of cutting, etching, and engraving a wide range of materials.


To ensure the safety and compliance of the school, the VLS3.75 laser was provided with a BOFA AD Oracle IQ Extraction Unit with an integral compressor. This means that the school can use their new laser cutter with complete peace of mind, knowing that all fumes are being safely extracted and that health and safety regulations are being followed.

We are delighted to be working with Bradford Grammar, and we were especially pleased to receive such excellent feedback from the school after the installation of their new laser.


"Steve was polite and professional. The School has been using Universal Laser Systems machines for more than ten years, but Steve still managed to demonstrate some new tricks!"


VLS3.75 Laser Specifications

Universal Lasers VLS3.75 Specifications



AD Oracle iQ Specifications

The ‘Best in Class’ high performance AD Oracle has now been further enhanced with the introduction of BOFA’s new iQ Operating System, combining a range of unique features into one compact unit.

Standard features:

  • Reverse Flow filter technology
  • Automatic Flow Control
  • Auto sensing voltage (90-257v) - For global use
  • High contrast display
  • Real time airflow reading
  • Independent filter condition monitoring
  • Filter status warnings
  • ‘Run safe’ operation
  • Remote diagnostics via USB

Optional features:

  • VOC gas sensor (Volatile Organic Compound)
  • Interfacing with host laser
  • On-board compressor
  • Optional filter media’s


For more details on the AD Oracle iQ Specifications Click Here


We wish the school all the best with their new laser and eagerly look forward to supporting them with all their laser needs in the future.