Kingswood School Invest in another Universal Laser!

Kingswood School in Bath work with Hobarts again to invest in the VLS6.75 Universal Laser for their DT department.


Kingswood School VLS6.75 Laser Install


Since the school's initial purchase of a Universal Laser machine from Hobarts in 2017, we've had the pleasure of working closely with Kingswood School.

The popularity of the school's laser among both staff and students has been astounding, leading them to invest in a second machine. We went over various options and introducing the VLS6.75 – 60-Watt laser, which fit exactly with the school's requirements and now is proudly added to their ever-growing workshop.

The VLS6.75 Laser which is a free-standing platform, was chosen because it offers an exceptional all-round experience. With a generous work area of 813 x 457 x 216 mm or 80,253cm3, it easily accommodates all the students' projects. What's more, its 60 watts of power enable the school to effortlessly cut through materials up to 12mm thick. The Universal Control Panel (UCP) is a user interface that controls ULS laser systems. This intuitive interface enables users to produce expert quality results. The UCP includes a Printer Driver and Direct Import Feature for uploading graphic designs. The UCP also provides an Intelligent Materials Database that calculates optimised settings for laser processing on hundreds of materials.


The VLS6.75 Laser at different angles 

You can find out more on the VLS6.75 laser cutter here


We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the school and are excited to provide them with our unwavering support for all their laser needs & servicing moving forward.


If you would like to talk to use about our range of laser cutters or how our comprehensive service plans can keep your laser cutter running year on year contact the Hobarts team.