Hobarts Centre of Excellence - Prior Park College invest in their 3rd Universal Laser Cutter!

Hobarts is thrilled to announce our ongoing partnership with Prior Park College, Bath, as they have recently purchased their third PLS6.150D – 100 Watt Laser!


PLS6.150D Install at Prior Park College


Hobarts engineers installing the PLS6.150D Laser

We are honoured to have worked closely with this exceptional independent school for nearly a decade, and our collaboration continues to flourish.


Prior Park College has made a remarkable investment in a new makerspace, and after experiencing the incredible capabilities of our PLS6.150D – 100-Watt Laser cutters for several years, they were eager to replicate this exceptional laser in their new facility. We are delighted to provide them with the cutting-edge technology and tools they need to inspire their students' creativity and innovation.




Prior Park College laser installation of the PLS6.150D

The PLS6.150D offers a Dual Laser Configuration, allowing for increased laser power when necessary.


Our PLS platform is renowned for delivering extraordinary cutting, marking, and engraving results, catering to users who demand both high speed and impeccable quality. Specifically designed to handle intricate tasks such as 3D engraving, complex cutting, and intricate scoring and marking, the PLS6.150D is the epitome of precision and versatility. Moreover, it boasts interchangeable components, empowering you to customize your system according to your specific needs.





3rd install of the Universal Laser PLS6.150D

At Hobarts, we are genuinely excited to continue our close collaboration with Prior Park College and support their educational endeavours for many more years to come. Together, we will empower the next generation of innovators and creators, fostering a learning environment where limitless possibilities unfold.


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