Lens size options!

Did you know, Universal Laser Systems can be configured with different lens sizes, depending on the application?

Here we can see a Midlands University utilising 3 different focal lengths.

The 2.0" lens comes as "Standard" with all ULS laser systems. This lens is often referred to as, "the all purpose engraving and cutting lens", due to it's ability to provide a combination of amazing engraving detail and good cutting results. It can however, produce tapered cut edges on thicker materials.

The HPDFO lens (High Power Density Focus Optic) is a patented lens option, that expands the laser beam within the carriage, which then allows the laser beam to focused to much smaller focal spot than the standard 2.0" lens, but maintaining the same focal length. The HPDFO is ideal for applications where the smallest cut kerf and extreme resolution or detail in engraving is required. The HPDFO can also mark directly on steel products without the need for a metal marking spray. The HPDFO is not recommended for cutting materials exceeding 3mm, due it's very high divergence and small focal range tolerance.

The 4.0" lens is the longest focal lens offered by ULS. Having such a long focal length and high tolerances, the 4.0" lens is ideal for cutting extremely thick materials up to 1" (25mm) or more, depending on material. It also offers a consistent straight edge, compared to shorter focal length options. It also allows for the most clearance of material for unsual shape items that require laser processing. Due to it's large spot size, the 4.0" lens is not recommended for detailed engraving.

All ULS lens are interchangeable by the laser operator and are calibrated independently of one another for Auto-Z focusing. Once each lens is calibrated, simply select your installed lens size from the list and you're good to go!

Lens sizes available will vary, depending on your laser model.

For more information on which lens size suits your application, please contact our Customer Service Team and we will be happy to help!