Oxford Nanopore upgrade to a new Universal VLS3.75 Laser!

We are delighted to once again be working with Oxford Nanopore. After purchasing their Universal M300 Laser 16 years ago from Hobarts, the company decided they were ready for a new model.


Oxford Nanopore old laser the M300

Oxford Nanopore M300 laser cutter 


Oxford Nanopore Technologies plc was founded in 2005 as a spin-out from the University of Oxford. The company now employs about 900 employees from multiple disciplines including nanopore science, molecular biology and applications, informatics, engineering, electronics, manufacturing and commercialisation.


Oxford Nanopore upgrade to a new Universal VLS3.75 Laser




A like for like upgrade from the M300 is a VLS3.75, this is the smallest platform laser in the Universal Range but can still offer up to an impressive 75 Watts of power.

By upgrading from an M300 to a VLS3.75 the company can now benefit from :-

  • UCP - Advanced materials database.
  • Advanced Settings - Zoom, focus, relocate, duplicate and estimate.
  • ULR Laser Cartridges - Quieter, more efficient at cooling.



Standard VLS3.75 Specifications


VLS3.75 Specifications


Hobarts are delighted to continue working with Oxford Nanopore and hope they look forward to another 16 + years lasering with their new Universal Laser VLS3.75!


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