Coventry University take ownership of their 6th Universal machine!

Coventry University 6th Laser

Hobarts are delighted to work with The School of Art and Design Department at Coventry University who were looking to purchase new laser for the department to replace an old system.


After discussing the departments needs in detail it was decided the ILS9.150D – 100 watt was the perfect choice.


The ILS boasts 2 x 50 Watt lasers giving fantastic versatility for the different project work. A dual source laser system combines the two linear polarised beams together to create a cross polarised beam. This cross polarisation produces consistent cut width regardless of the direction of travel. Other benefits of a dual laser system include; increased material processing capability, improved reliability and less down time.


Improves Laser System Performance


In laser cutting, engraving, and marking machines with Dual Laser Configuration, the combination of the two beams occurs within the system itself instead of in the carriage, as is the case with other laser systems (also known as laser cutters, laser engravers, or laser markers). This allows all ULS optical elements to be small and lightweight, thereby improving system performance.

Improved Laser System Performance Image

When discussing the applications being processed in this department the University were keen to ensure the laser was as user friendly to all the students as possible.


The Laser Interface+ is a materials-based print driver that gives you the choice of automatic or manual control over power, speed, pulses per inch and other system settings. Laser Interface+, combined with the Universal Control Panel (UCP), gives you complete control over your laser processing system.


After installation was completed our technician was able to customise the material database to only show the materials the customer stocks, making this system even more user friendly for the students!


Hobarts wish the University well with their new laser and look forward to working with them again in the future.


For more information on the ILS laser range.