Cut by Beam return to Hobarts for their 3rd Universal Laser!

Cut By Beam 3rd Universal Laser

Hobarts are delighted to once again be working with Cut By Beam of Cornwall, who have purchased their 3rd Universal Laser!

After working with a VLS6.60 and VLS4.60 Universal laser over the last few years, Cut By Beam were keen to add a desktop laser to their collection.

Cut By Beam continue to push the boundaries of what the laser cutters and their creativity is possible of. With a growing business the company are keen to find a way to demonstrate their creativity to potential customers. After discussing their needs with our sales team Cut By Beam decided to purchase the VLS2.30 – 30 Watt Laser. This laser gives the company the flexibility to take the laser out on the road to complete prototype’s for potential new business and show customers the results that can be achieved.

The VLS2.30 is a brilliantly compact desktop laser cutter. Roughly the size of a printer, the VLS desktop laser packs sophisticated laser processing capabilities into an attractive, durable and mobile package.

Cut By Beam also purchased the optional Rotary Fixture adaptor, this provides an efficient and productive method for laser cutting, engraving, and marking on cylinders and sphere-shaped, tapered, and non-symmetrical objects. Unlike other rotary fixtures, it provides 360-degree raster and vector processing, allowing laser engraving, laser cutting, and laser marking around the entire circumference of the object.

Coventry University 6th Laser

An optional computer-controlled air cleaner cart is available that allows a VLS desktop laser to be used without a dedicated exhaust system, making installation and operation even simpler.

The ease of use and small footprint of the VLS desktop laser makes it easy to fit laser technology into your business or organisation. If you would like to speak to a member of our sales team about how easy it is to get the VLS desktop range setup, Freephone 0333 900 8700 or send us a message.

It has been great working with Cut By Beam again and Hobarts look forward to helping them again in the future.

To see some of the excellent work Cut By Beam are producing visit their Instagram Gallery.

Cut By Beam examples