First Universal Laser for Cheltenham College thanks to new DT Technician

Cheltenham College

Hobarts were delighted to be contacted by the new DT technician at Cheltenham College, after working closely with Hobarts at his previous school he was keen to continue this relationship and to bring a Universal laser cutter into the school.

Design and Technology at Cheltenham College provides an opportunity for pupils to develop their creative, practical and team-work skills. The subject combines lessons from other areas of the curriculum including using Maths and Science in a practical context.

The Design and Technology classrooms have a range of sophisticated and traditional machines to allow all pupils to develop a wide range of skills, the new laser cutter will be a great addition.

VLS Laser Cutter

The DT Technician had excellent knowledge of the Universal lasers and after careful consideration a VLS6.60 – 50 Watt laser was selected as the ideal choice for the school. With its fantastic bed size of 813 x 457mm and a 50 watt laser cartridge that gives the ability to cut materials up to 9mm in thickness. This laser offers all the versatility needed for the students to complete their projects with ease.

We are delighted to be working with Cheltenham College and look forward to supporting them in the future.

For more information on the VLS6.60 laser cutter – Click Here