Universal Expands the High Performance ULTRA Series with the New R5000 Model

Universal Laser Systems, Inc. today unveiled the ULTRA R5000, the newest addition to the ULTRA family of laser material processing systems. Ideal for laser processing a wide range of natural and advanced polymer and composite materials, the ULTRA R5000 is a professional, high quality, mid-range and flexible platform designed to meet today’s as well as future requirements for general manufacturing, product development, materials research and educational customer environments.

With its patented dual-wavelength hybrid laser technology and built-in laser power optimization capabilities, the R5000 offers the unique capability to accurately match the available laser energy with a material’s absorption characteristics to achieve optimal end results. The R5000 supports numerous productivity enhancement options, including a sophisticated, patent-pending, multi-camera-based augmented reality user interface that enhances visual workflows and processes design files that use registration marks to accurately position material for processing.

Additionally, the powerful control interface, with a built-in and ever expanding database of material laser processing parameters, drastically simplifies setup and use of the system. This allows users to intuitively run the most complex design files with ease. The R5000 can perform operations, including high speed cutting, marking, surface profiling, engraving, surface modification and many others. Its modular design enables users to configure the system for laser processing of a specific material or a broad range of diverse applications.

The ULTRA R5000 system from Universal Laser Systems offers short-term return on investment and expansion in capabilities beyond other systems currently available.

For the full specifications and features of The ULTRA R5000 download our PDF brochure

Further details on The ULTRA R5000 can be found on the Universal website

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