Hobarts sells UK's first ULTRA X6000!

The innovative capabilities of Diamond Light source make it a world-renowned scientific facility, keeping the UK at the forefront of groundbreaking research. We were thrilled to receive an inquiry about the cutting-edge ULTRA X6000, the most advanced Universal Laser available on the market.


Diamond Light Source is the UK’s national synchrotron. It works like a giant microscope, harnessing the power of electrons to produce bright light that scientists can use to study anything from fossils to jet engines to viruses and vaccines. Find out more here.


Hobarts ULTRA X6000 Install


The ULTRA X6000 platform offers laser material processing for the widest possible range of materials. It is designed and ideally suited for precision material processing in manufacturing, research and development, academic research, and prototyping environments. With its unique modular architecture, customisable solutions can be easily reconfigured with a wide array of options for enhancing performance, capability, and safety to complete the perfect solution to meet present and future business needs.


Ultra X6000 Laser Machine Bed

ULTRA X6000 Size

The ULTRA X6000 platform has a materials processing envelope of 914 x 610 mm (36 x 24 in), with support for materials with a thickness up to 305 mm (12 in).

Configure the customizable ULTRA X6000 platform with up to three laser sources consisting of two interchangeable CO2 lasers and one fiber laser. When the platform is configured with three lasers, users can take full advantage of MultiWave Hybrid™ technology enabling up to three wavelengths – 9.3 µm, 10.6 µm, and 1.06 µm – to be simultaneously combined into a single coaxial beam. Each spectral component of the beam is independently controlled and can be modulated in real time.

Major features include multiple laser support, rapid high-accuracy laser beam positioning, precision material-independent autofocus, controllable laser power density, an automation interface, camera registration, an integrated touch screen control panel and over temperature detection.


Key Features and Capabilities

  • Material processing area of 36 x 24 in. (914 mm x 610 mm)
  • Support for materials with a thickness up to 12 in. (305 mm)
  • Maximum power configuration is 300 watts CO2 and 50 watts fiber
  • Supports three lasers - up to (2) CO2 laser sources (10-150 watts) and up to (1) permanently mounted fiber laser source
  • Patented Multi-Wave HybridTM Technology
  • Patent pending Controllable Laser Power Density optics
  • Material Independent Touch-Probe Autofocus
  • Intelligent Materials Database
  • Camera Registration
  • 21” (533 mm) Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Patented SuperSpeedTM technology available
  • Fire Suppression available
  • UAC 4000 Air Filtration available


 Ultra X6000 Laser Touch Screen


Laser Servicing

At Hobarts, we take laser maintenance and repair seriously. We're honoured to collaborate with such a prestigious organisation and understand that maintaining your laser's optimal performance is paramount. With our team of highly skilled technicians, your laser will receive the best possible care. We're excited to partner with Diamond Light Source to ensure their new X6000 operates flawlessly.


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