BEWARE…Lowest price isn’t always what it seems!

Beware of unscrupulous companies
offering cut price laser servicing, spare
parts and laser ‘re-gases’.

Recently, a Bristol school were led to believe the engineers visiting them were qualified Universal laser technicians. Their service lasted under 20 minutes and, in that time, the ‘technician’ only had the time to power test the laser cartridge and check the optics. That was it. Nothing else! No covers removed, no belts or bearings checked, no beam alignment, no cleaning or re-greasing.
The teacher was told the focal lens was damaged (it was dirty and could have been cleaned with a little patience), so they broke out the premium quality lens from the housing and replaced it with a cheap plastic lens that was glued into position as can be seen opposite. What a mess!
Glued laser lens...What a Mess
The school were then advised the laser cartridge was low on power and was told the laser cartridge would be taken away and recharged by the manufacturer. It transpires that instead of sending it back to the manufacturer in the USA, it was sent to a ‘laser specialist’ in South Wales who attempted to re-gas the laser. When the school received the laser back, it was missing most of its cover screws and the cover had been ‘secured’ with double-sided tape!

The worst part is that once fitted, it didn’t work at all.
When the school tried to call the two companies they
could not get hold of anyone prepared to help.

The saving on the laser re-gas was £150 (approx. cost of shipping to the USA). The saving on the focal lens was £50. As you would expect, Hobarts stepped in and assisted the school to get the laser system working again with a legitimate cartridge recharge and a new genuine focal lens. Unfortunately, the school ended up paying almost double the cost than if they came direct to Hobarts.



If you are offered a cut price re-gas or recharge by another company it is very likely it is not with the manufacturer. If you have to send your cartridge away, without a new one arriving beforehand, this is most definitely not a genuine cartridge recharge. Hobarts will always despatch your new cartridge before arranging collection of your old one.

If you are unsure whether the supplier is bonafide please call us for advice.


Things to bear in mind

For more information on how Hobarts can help you, please contact our office.