Winton Community Academy return to Hobarts for a VLS Desktop Laser

Winton Community Academy spent many years enjoying their VL300 Laser and when the time came to upgrade Hobarts were delighted to be working with them once again.

The Academy were keen to stick with the VLS Desktop laser. The ease of use and small footprint makes it easy to fit on a workbench or desk in a classroom.

By upgrading the school can now take advantage of:

      • UCP – Advanced materials database.

      • Advanced Settings – Zoom, focus, relocate, duplicate and estimate.

      • ULR Laser Cartridges – Quieter, more efficient at cooling.

The desktop VLS3.50 is small enough to go on a work surface yet powerful enough to meet the requirements of on-demand production. Used frequently for educational purposes, the VLS3.50 is also a great choice for starting your laser business. Offering a material processing envelope of 610 x 305 x 102mm, the VLS3.50 can be equipped with one of five ULS laser cartridges ranging in power from 10-50 watts.

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Hobarts wish the school all the best with their new laser and look forward to offering continued support.

Hobarts are currently offering a Great Deal on a New VLS Laser Cutter

Hobarts New Laser Trade-in Deal

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