Hobarts Install 11 Laser Cutters at Bayside & Westside Schools in Gibraltar

Hobarts work with Bayside and Westside schools as they move into their new state of the art building at Waterport in Gibraltar.

Hobarts were delighted to work with the schools as they chose the equipment for their new Art and Design departments.

In total, Hobarts supplied 11 systems throughout the school in various departments. They were installed, commissioned and training provided all within a week.

The solutions they chose were the VLS3.50 desktop laser systems paired with the AD Base 1 Oracle fume extraction base units. This is both a space saving option as the laser sits on top of the extraction unit as well as making the system somewhat portable./p>

The desktop VLS3.50 is small enough to sit on a work surface yet powerful enough to meet the requirements of on-demand production. Used frequently for educational purposes, the VLS3.50 is also a great choice for starting your laser business. The VLS3.50 comes standard with Laser Interface+ and a number of additional options are available to enhance your laser processing capabilities.

We look forward to providing support for the systems in the future.