We stock 4 kinds of plywood as follows:

Exterior Birch plywood. Not technically laser-grade because ts exterior but we have traditionally supplied this in 0.8mm and 1.5mm as we were unable to obtain these thin sheets in Laser-grade. Product references begin WO.EXTPLY

We continue to stock a wide range of 'standard' LaserPly grown in Latvia and Russia. Its a good, all round Birch Plywood. Product references begin WO.PLYSTD

This is a high quality Birch Plywood grown in Finland that we are referring to as LaserPlyPremier. It is very stong and has more plies (layers) than standard plywood. We currently stock this in 0.8mm and 1.5mm but will increase the range shortly. Product references begin WO.PLYPREM

This is produced in Italy from Poplar trees and we refere to it as LaserPlyLite as it is around 30% less dense than Birch Plywood. It a very good option for those wanting to speed up production as it can cut 30% quicker than Birch. It is also a very good alternative to those with low powered lasers. Product references begin WO.PLYLITE

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