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1mm clear cast Perspex acrylic
Model: AC.CLR0000.01

1mm clear cast Perspex acrylic

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About this product


1mm clear cast Perspex acrylic sheet is manufactured by Perspex. This thickness is excellent for architectural models, for hobbies as well as arts & crafts projects

Please note that due to sheet yields the 600x300mm material is supplied 597x300mm

The tolerence on this material is +/- 0.5mm

Clear acrylic is superior to all other thermoplastic sheet transmitting 92% of visible light - higher than that of glass. Even after 10 years of outdoor exposure it will continue to transmit 85% of visible light while other thermoplastic sheets will show a much greater reduction over the same period. The edges of the sheet can also be polished to achieve a totally transparent product. Apart from a few specialist items that we manufacture ourselves, all clear acrylic sheet that we sell is manufactured by Perspex.







Customer reviews

by Claire P

    Thank you Hobarts for taking the time to follow up my review. This misunderstanding was caused by someone at Perspex initially being adamant that all their products have Perspex branded protective sheet, but they have since confirmed that 1mm is not branded and has either white or clear protective sheet. Thank you again


by Claire P

    The 1mm acrylic supplier is not consistent. Perspex sheet should be branded and this is not. Every time I order I get something different and some of the sheets were almost 2mm thick!

    Note from Hobarts:
    We've been selling 1.0mm sheet from Perspex for several years and it has NEVER been branded. The tolerance of this material is +/- 0.5mm. We are sorry if you have received any sheets over 1.5mm. We will, of course, replace them without question.


by Ian E

    Fast delivery - good quality product, good supplier.


by Barry W

    Fast delivery, however the material was quite expensive for 1mm acrylic, and some of the sheets measured 1.25mm... I would still use this service again though.


by Brian W

    I really like Hobarts. I can get all I need for my new sideline business here


If you are looking to buy a laser cutter of any size Hobarts are number one in my book and a pleasure to do business with