Phoenix Touch Pro UV-LED

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Phoenix Touch Pro UV-LED Digital Light Projector 3D Printer 

• 50 um XY pixel size • Ball screw for ultimate Z accuracy (5um resolution)
• 64mm x 40mm x 100mm build volume
• High end all-glass projector optics for highest accuracy
• UV LED bulb lasts 20,000+hrs and cures up to 10x faster and more uniformly
• SuperVAT Technology: never replace a PDMS container
• Built-in stSamples of Pheonix Proandalone touchscreen computer with USB, Ethernet, Wifi (optional): no external computer needed
• Standalone USB drive: no external computer needed
• Standalone Network Connection: ideal for printer farms – one computer can control dozens of printers
• Advanced Windows/Mac Software with Shelling/Hollow and Tree Supports (save up to 80% materials)
• Many Materials: Clear, Opaque, Castable, Flexible
• Materials cost on average 33% less than comparable printers
• Now with 1 year standard warranty (covers all parts except consumables)






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Monday 20 July, 2015
Love it, I built my fortress only using this...