Internet security is very important to us and here a some things we are doing to protect our customers data from the risk of fraud.

SagePay Token System
We want our customers to enjoy the benefits of a quick and easy checkout but often that means compromising security. We are adamant that we do not want the responsibility of storing customers’ credit card details so we have installed SagePay’s new Token system

The Token System gives us the ability to convert credit card numbers, which are given directly to SagePay by online shoppers and stored within SagePay’s secure systems, into a token or card number ‘alias’.  The tokens can then be safely stored by the merchant and are used to process transactions as and when required, without incurring high level PCI DSS compliance costs.

Customers using small hand-held devices should find this system particularly beneficial as they often struggle to input long credit card numbers into their device using a small screen.