2021 has not been easy! 

First, we would like to thank our customers on the Continent for their patience while we and our shipping agents got to grips with the new rules and regulations. It seemed the requirements were changing on a daily basis. Eventually, we had to change our shippers and once again our customers are receiving the level of service they expect.

Deliveries to continental Europe (both EU and non-EU countries) will be invoiced WITHOUT VAT.

Customers maybe contacted by our shipping agents to pay Duty or VAT before consignments are released to them.

Import duty may be payable on products originating outside the EU. Again, our shipping agents, DHL, will be responsible for collecting duty. To assist customers calculating what duty is payable, our invoices will show the country of origin and the Commodity/Harmonisation Code. By looking up this information you can see if any tariff is payable in the EU.

Currently, there are delays of 24 hours delivering to most European countries because of congestion at channel ports.

Shipping costs
Our prices include border fees but not duty.