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Resin Clear 1 litre bottle

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Resin - Clear 1 litre bottle.

Specially formulated in-house with material properties similar to ABS.

Currently avaialble in clear and white, (more options coming soon, yellow, red, green and more!)

The FSL3D print resin is one litre of photopolymer for use in the FSL3D Pegasus Touch stereolithography 3D printer. The resin produces parts with a smooth surface texture, and cures in UV light or sunlight.
Specially formulated high resolution, high speed resin for the Pegasus Touch 3D Printer for FSL3D. End cured material properties are similar to ABS.
Available in multiple colors. 1 Litre = 61 cubic inches is approximately 1 Kilogram.

Clear White More colours on the way soon