Don't believe everything you read

A recent trend of 3rd party, unqualified serivce providors offering laser support has been observed in the UK.

The way these companies try to win your business is by suggesting the machine you did all the research on, got all the information for, had excellent reviews passed on by current or past colleagues or aquainances, are all wrong.

They attack the costings surrounding the ownership of a laser system and say that they can offer better savings. However, in every single instance we have encountered this is not the case.

One particular dealer, who promotes themselves as a Universal Laser Specialist, is in fact the complete opposite of their statements.

Suggesting over priced laser recharge costs and inflated parts pricing, making costs "highly unacceptable".

What is highly unacceptable is that this unqualified 'one man band' is actually charging MORE than using the OEM laser exchange service.

Hobarts offer a new laser cartridge in exchange for your old, expired laser source. Not only is the old source needing the gas refilled, we see 75% of the cartridges showing signs of requiring other replacments parts, such as the internal RF power supply. These are all covered in the laser exchange service. Our exchange means you have a new laser source before you have to return your old one AND it also comes with a 12 manufacturers warranty.

What the independant dealer offers is a regas service, not supplied by themselves, but yet another 3rd party, on your old laser cartridge. Simply pumping it full of gas again. These are quoted by the company in the UK who offer the regas service at a 50% success rate, however, they'll happily take your money upfront. You'll be without your beloved laser source for up to 3 weeks AND they will of course charge you more for this service than Hobarts, an authorised UK distributor of Universal Laser Systems.

We are very transparent about our laser exchange costs as we believe it is a crucial part of the procurement process. We are still offer the lowest price air cooled RF laser exchange service out of all of the major laser system suppliers.

Hobarts pricing (+ VAT) :

ULR-30 - £1,450

ULR-40 - £1,650

ULR-50 - £1,800

ULR-60 - £1,800


Independant costs with 'discounted prices'.