Controllable Laser Power Density

Controllable Laser Power Density

A patent pending feature that provides the unique ability to control laser power densities while maintaining a high degree of alignment accuracy of the focal plane with the material surface as well as a Gaussian beam distribution. (only available on Ultra systems).

Power Densities: 1X (Available), 4X (Included) or 13X (Available) for 10.6 μm and 9.3 μm wavelengths; 52X for 1.06 μm Fiber wavelength (Included).

Normalized power density (watts/cm2) = power density coefficient x 103 x average laser power (watts). Normalized power density is the power of the material processing laser(s) divided by the area of the focal spot measured at 1/e2.

The controllable Laser Power Density offers a fixed 2" working distance from the material. The Precision Material Independent Autofocus is a high-resolution touch sensor with repeatability of 125 μm (± .005 in).

This offers improved accuracy, usability and workflow.