The New UP! Mini 2 – the affordable 3D printer!

Following on from the global success of the UP! Mini 3D Printer, Hobarts are pleased to announce the launch of the UP! Mini 2 3D Printer. The second generation UP Mini, with maximum performance at minimal cost!




The new UP mini 2 is reliable and easy to use – just like the first generation UP mini – and in addition has a host of new features related to usability, connectivity and portability – all of which demonstrate Tiertime’s commitment to innovation and development within the 3D Printing market.


New features include:
  • Touch screen control: Provide better 3D printing user experience.
  • WIFI connection: WIFI support, enabling better user control of the 3D printer via mobile APPs.
  • Built-in HEPA air filtration: Reduce 3D printing air emissions and provide healthy and safe 3D printing environment.
  • Aluminum handle and separate spool container with build-in toolbox: Easy to carry and handy to use.


  • Dimensions: 255 × 365 × 385mm(W×H×D)
  • Weight: 8 KG(20.3LB)
  • Build Volume: 120 x 120 x 120 mm(W x H x D)
  • Printing Technology: Melted Extrusion Modeling (MEM)
  • Operating System: Win XP/7/8/10, Mac OS



The Up Mini 2 provides unrivalled value for money! Just £595+VAT




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