Southampton Solent University purchase their 2nd ILS Laser Cutter from Hobarts

After working closely with Southampton Solent University for over 10 years, Hobarts have installed the 2nd ILS Laser Cutter, making this the University’s 4th Laser Cutter purchased from Hobarts.




The team in Southampton have been so pleased with their current ILS machines reliability, ease of use and performance, that the ILS9.75 was the only machine they wanted to increase their laser cutting capabilities.
The introduction of the new system will allow material processing of up to 900 x 600mm sheet size and with a Dual cartridge totalling 100 Watts, which will cut materials up to 15mm in thickness.






The ILS9.75 platform is designed for laser material processing in a wide variety of production environments. Flexible enough to be installed as a standalone system or integrated into an automated manufacturing line, the ILS9.75 is an excellent choice for no-tool prototype production and is also used in research and development facilities around the world.


The ILS9.75 is dual laser compatible and has a processing power range of 10 watts, when using our smallest laser cartridge, to 150 watts when using two of our 75-watt lasers. In addition to the basic capabilities of the machine, there are a number of patented Uniquely Universal features that are only available from Universal Laser Systems. These include Laser Interface+ and Rapid Reconguration; Dual Laser Conguration, Super Speed and Pass-Through are additional optional features that will reduce downtime and increase productivity. All Universal laser platforms use interchangeable components, giving you the ability to tailor your system to fit your needs.


System Features

Laminated Safety Glass
Over-temp Alarm (for re safety)
Multiple Automatic Focusing Modes
Precision Digital Motors
LCD display
Wraparound Top and Front Door
Covered V-Groove Rail System
Multiple Language Support
Permanently Sealed Bearings
Proportional Pulse Control
Stretch-Free Kevlar® Belts



Laser Features

Laser Fan Control (to reduce noise)
Smart Lasers
Laser Pointer
Wide Selection of Power Levels
Air-Cooled Laser Cartridge
Patented Permalign™
No Optical Beam Alignment Required
Patented Cross-Platform Compatibility
Patented Free-Space Gas Slab Laser Design
High Reliability, Excellent Power Stability
Warranty Available Up To 5 Years



We thank Southampton Solent University for choosing Hobarts again for their new purchase and look forward to working with the University again in the future.



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