Sheldon School Upgrade To A Universal PLS6.150D Laser Cutter

Sheldon School of Chippenham have had a laser for 10 years. They have decided with the amount of projects focusing on CAD and laser cutting in particular to upgrade their old X660 legacy machine to a PLS6.150D.


The 100 watt laser in the PLS6.150D will allow them to cut through 12mm materials with ease and process materials they might not have been able to cut previously.



“Our new laser cutter was installed to our complete satisfaction for a very competitive price that included a service contract that was very comprehensive. I would recommend Hobarts Laser Supplies Ltd as a thoroughly professional company and a pleasure with whom to do business”.
Mike Chrystal – Senior DT Technician – Sheldon Academy



The PLS6.150D comes standard with SuperSpeed and dual laser configuration, SuperSpeed was developed primarily for raster image applications. Meaning pupils can send any photo or image to be laser etched.



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