NEW Vanilla scented laserable Rubber Sheet only available at Hobarts

Hobarts are the sole UK distributor of vanilla rubber! You can order yours now for £3.85 per sheet (Exc VAT).

Standard laserable rubber was launched on the International market in 1998. In a span of over ten years standard laser rubber has won the trust and approval of Worldwide users. Standard laser rubber was the first in our product line and NOW we are very pleased to be the sole distributor for the UK of the NEW Vanilla scented rubber sheets!

Yes that is right a laserable standard rubber sheet with a vanilla scent. No more nasty rubber smells when laser cutting and engraving.


Vanilla scented rubber properties:
  • Vanilla scent when engraved
  • Can be engraved and cut with any type of CO2 laser
  • Suitable for any type of stamp mounts
  • Good for single colour and multi-colour stamps
  • Alcohol and water based ink resistant
  • Outstanding engraving and impression quality
  • Budget friendly


The standard rubbers that we sell at Hobarts are all user friendly and non-toxic, which allows you to be as creative as you like when designing for stamps.



Order Yours Now for £3.85 per sheet (Ex. VAT) – Click Here