Hobarts have installed the first laser cutter at the Chauncy School Hertfordshire


The first laser cutter at The Chauncy school has now been installed by Hobarts, the school were keen to purchase a machine that would allow enough flexibility for the pupils to complete their projects with ease.


The VLS6.60 was the perfect choice, with a bed size of 813 x 457 x 229 mm (or 84,950 cm³) along with a 60 watt laser, powerful enough to cut most laserable materials up to 12mm. This laser will bring all the pupils creative ideas to life!



The VLS6.60 freestanding laser platforms offer increased maximum laser power levels and larger working areas than the desktop models. In addition, VLS freestanding laser platforms are equipped with Universal Laser Systems’ patented Rapid Reconfigurationtechnology, so laser sources can be installed, removed and exchanged in seconds without the use of tools.
We are delighted to be working with The Chauncy School and look forward to seeing all the wonderful things they have made in the near future.



For more information on the VLS6.60 laser cutter – Click Here


For more information on the Chauncy School visit their website