Brexit Planning

Hobarts finalise plans for Brexit

Hobarts Brexit plans are put into effect

Fed up with Doom & Gloom? Then let’s start with some good news…


Wood products

We will pass on any savings resulting from Brexit to our customers. Once the UK has left the EU then the tariffs on wood will no longer apply. We are expecting this to result in a 10% price reduction for all wood sourced outside the EU.


Continuation of supplies

Most of our wood is sourced from Russia, Finland & China so we don’t expect any disruption to our supply chain. There could be delays with plywood originating from Italy but we hope this will not be the case. In any event, we are increasing stocks of all products in the run up to November.



Most plastics we sell originate from the UK, USA & Japan so we are not expecting any disruption to these supplies.


Being oil-based products, we could see the tariff saving being eroded by the increased price of oil. Again, there should be a reduction in tariffs and we undertake to pass on any saving to our customers.



As we approach Brexit Day, our quotations and invoices will start showing the Product Commodity Code and the product’s Country of Origin. This should help customers exporting our products.


We will update this news as and when it is clear the direction the UK is heading.