Hobarts complete the first Laser Cutter installation of 2017 at STAHS

St Albans High School for Girls in Hertfordshire use Hobarts to purchase their first ULS Laser Cutter for the school.



St Albans High School for Girls (STAHS) opened in a converted hospital on Holywell Hill, St Albans in 1889, one of many similar schools which were being established for the education of girls towards the end of the nineteenth century. The school transferred to its current site on Townsend Avenue in the heart of the city in 1908.


There are approximately 480 girls in the Senior School and 160 Sixth Formers, all studying a variety of courses. So when the DT Department were looking for a Laser Cutter that would give them a good range of versatility to enable there students to push the boundaries of creativity within their work, STAHS turned to Hobarts.


After discussing the schools needs with Hobarts we both came to the conclussion that the VLS6.60 was the perfect solution. With room inside to cut materials up to 813 x 457mm and a 60 watt laser that can cut up to an impressive 12mm thickness with ease, the students now have the perfect tool to complete their projects.




Hobarts wish St Albans High School for Girls all the best with their new Laser Cutter and look forward to working with them in the future.



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