First Universal laser cutter for New Forest School, Lunedale Road Site

We are really pleased to have installed New Forest School of Hampshire a new Universal VLS4.60 – 40 watts laser cutter for use within their school.


The laser cutter will help students develop an early learning of design and technology, using different materials and working with computers to make projects come to life.


New Forest School is a small, independent school providing a high quality education for boys and girls aged 8-19 who are not attending mainstream school because of severe or complex needs, emotional and social difficulties arising from (for example a life trauma), Autism or a phobia of education.


The laser cutter that New Forest School have chosen is a free-standing platform offering a spacious work area and the ability to quickly adjust laser power with Universal’s patented Rapid Reconfiguration. The VLS4.60 offers a generous bed size offering a material processing envelope of 610 x 457 x 229mm, but is designed to neatly fit into any classroom or office when paired with a fume extraction system. See our range of systems here.



Hobarts has a number of Centres of Excellence throughout England which are schools and universities that demonstrate the Hobarts range of laser machines. If you are interested in a demonstration of a VLS4.60 or an alternative laser machine, please contact Hobarts and we will be pleased to arrange this for you.