City of Glasgow College purchase high power laser cutter from Hobarts

Integrated into their impressive new building, the college have gained a fantastic new, 9th floor workshop, with views over the city from 3 aspects.



City of Glasgow College added to their two current machines the college have by purchasing a flagship PLS6.150D 100 watt system with the stand-alone AD Oracle iQ extraction system to bring their total to three systems.


PLS6.150D Platform Features

  • High Reliability Digital Motors
  • Laminated Safety Glass
  • LCD Display
  • Multiple Automatic Focusing Methods
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Over-temp Alarm (for fire safety)
  • Permanently Sealed Bearings
  • Stretch-Free Kevlar® Belts

PLS6.150D Laser Features

  • Air-Cooled Laser Source
  • High Reliability, Excellent Power Stability
  • Laser Fan Control (to reduce noise)
  • Laser Pointer
  • Patented Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Patented Free-Space Gas Slab Laser Design
  • Patented Pre-aligned laser sources
  • Smart Laser Source Technology
  • Warranty Available Up To 5 Years
  • Wide Selection of Power Levels


Not only will the new system bring added value throughout, it will also bring increased productivity as it is twice the power of their previous machines.


Hobarts look forward to continuing to work with and support the equipment at the college in the future.



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