Another first for Hobarts, supplying the first XLS laser system in the UK

Hobarts is pleased to announce it has just completed the installation of the first XLS laser in the UK (and only the second in Europe). And that’s pretty much all we can say about it.
This installation was a highly secretive exercise and we are unable to name the location of the machine or even the customer. What we can say is the XLS10.150D is being used to process an exciting, highly confidential material involving printed electronics.
With a bed size of 1016x610mm, the XLS takes material processing to a whole new level. Its frictionless motion system not only minimises any vibration making it extremely accurate to +/- 0.0508mm (0.002”), it also means its fast.




The XLS system is an exciting new project which pushes boundaries of digital laser material processing (DLMP), putting this system far above and beyond what our competitors machines can achieve.
The XLS system features all the additions that we have come to expect from Universal Laser Systems including rapid reconfiguration, reliable ULR laser sources and high quality optics. We also have new additions of the Universal Camera Recognition (UCR) teamed with the new advanced Laser System Manager software (LSM).





If your laser processing requirements are geared towards high tolerance, precise cutting and you also require high speed results, then the XLS system should be at the top of your list. For more information contact our sales team