3.0mm LaserPlySTANDARD - Birch Ply grade B/BB

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  • WO.PLYSTD.03
Cutting Cutting This item can be cut using a CO2 laser. You should achive very good results with our materials. If not, your laser settings may need adjusting. Please consult your user manual or the company that you bought your laser from for specific advice
Engraving Engraving This item can be engraved using a CO2 laser. Some materials can be engraved using engraving compounds such Cermark but these are not included in this category
Marking Marking This item can be marked using a CO2 laser. It may be possible to mark some materials using HPDFO - High Power Density Focussing Optics but these are not included
Recyclable Recyclable This item can be recycled
Sustainable Sustainable This wood product has been sourced from sustainable resources. This material is covered by the Forestry Stewardship Council scheme.

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3.0mm LaserPlySTANDARD - Birch Ply grade B/BB

Being a natural product, the colour/shade of wood will alter with each batch. 

Every effort is made to supply flat sheets but unavoidable warping may occur. It may be necessary to tape the wood to the laser bed.

Plywood has a tendency to curl because the veneer is rotary peeled from cylindrical logs and the nature of the fibres will tend to revert to their original format: ie round.

This means that while there are manufacturing standards for length, width and squareness there are none for the flatness of plywood. Plywood of 12mm and less have fewer laminations so will be more prone to curling, both on account of the forces and tensions within the board and the board's relative weakness with respect to external forces during storage and transport.

We recommend customers try to keep stocks of plywood so the wood has sufficient time to acclimatise to their new environment. Where possible, please store where the tempeature/humidy is constant.


***All dimensions are nominal - sheets maybe supplied up to 2mm undersize on each edge***

*Larger sheets maybe available - please ask*

Grain Direction

Customers must specify if they require the grain in a particular direction. Please enter any requests in the comments box at checkout.



Reviews (24)

Tuesday 11 August, 2015
Generally good but very hit and miss as to how flat the sheets are. Engraves and cuts nice but avoid jobs that cover an entire sheet.
Monday 29 June, 2015
product fine............delivery and after sales disgraceful
Monday 27 April, 2015
The Birch Plywood was great, service was excellent, will be buying again in the near future.
Monday 06 April, 2015
Quick dispatch and postage, which was well packaged. The sheets were significantly warped, however I was able to cut the sheets into 4 before using them on the laser which overcame the problem. If I had had a bigger project, I would have had to return the sheets as no amount of masking tape could have held those buggers down!
Friday 20 March, 2015
Exactly what I wanted, what I expected and what I got! I'm happy!
Tuesday 24 February, 2015
I have purchased the 3mm laserable birch plywood now a few times and I've had no problems at all,It's very nice to cut or engrave and was delivered in good time to. Regards Gary @ G&C Accessories.