2.3mm No smell laser rubber - yellow

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  • RU.NS.YEL.23.A4
Cutting Cutting This item can be cut using a CO2 laser. You should achive very good results with our materials. If not, your laser settings may need adjusting. Please consult your user manual or the company that you bought your laser from for specific advice
Engraving Engraving This item can be engraved using a CO2 laser. Some materials can be engraved using engraving compounds such Cermark but these are not included in this category
Marking Marking This item can be marked using a CO2 laser. It may be possible to mark some materials using HPDFO - High Power Density Focussing Optics but these are not included
Recyclable Recyclable This item can be recycled
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No smell laser rubber.

The unique no smell laser rubber is intended to make work easier and more pleasant.
This kind of rubber does not emit any smell while it is being engraved.



    free of smell
    high resistance to alcohol and water based ink
    suitable for any type of stamp mounts
    suitable for single colour and multi-colour stamps
    outstanding engraving and impression quality



    Available size: A4 / 297 x 210mm

    Available thickness: 2.3mm

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