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1-Touch Laser Photo is an exclusive Universal Laser Systems software application that allows you to quickly and easily make almost any photograph laser engraveable. 1-Touch Laser Photo applies special filters to your image and adjusts the contrast and definition appropriately for the material being processed. Using the software is as simple as selecting your target material from a list and cropping, resizing, rotating or mirroring the image as needed.

Negating the need for third party photo editing software 1-Touch has been developed to make any photographic image suitable for laser engraving. Simply select your target material from a list and 1-Touch Laser Photo will determine the appropriate contrast, filter and grayscale levels and calculate the ideal laser speed and power settings. Then engrave the image onto your material at the touch of a button.

Download the trial software and we will supply an activation code. Software can be downloaded at:


The download version can be purchased wherever you are in the World

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The license allows One Activation only. If you need the software on more than one computer, you will need to purchase multiple licenses.

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