1.0mm Gold anodised aluminium size 500x250mm (pack of 4)

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Engraving Engraving This item can be engraved using a CO2 laser. Some materials can be engraved using engraving compounds such Cermark but these are not included in this category
Marking Marking This item can be marked using a CO2 laser. It may be possible to mark some materials using HPDFO - High Power Density Focussing Optics but these are not included
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Coloured anodised aluminium substrates from Rowmark are known for extraordinary durability in industrial nameplate applications.

Quality and appearance is perfectly suited for applications such as control panels, plaques, signage, photography and more.


Material Anodised aluminium

Finish Matte

Sheet size 500x250mm

Thickness 1.0mm

Chemical resistance

     Excellent Industrial solvents

     Good Diluted caustic alkalis,

     Moderate sunlight & weathering

     Fair Diluted acids, Concentrated caustic acids

     Poor Concentrated acids



Interior/exterior signage

Legend plates/industrial tags

Control panels

Furniture industry

Consumer electronics

Aviation industry


Automobile industry



Gloss finish (Matt also available)

Uniform surface

High surface hardness

Excellent wear resistance


About anodising

The process of anodising is more environmentally friendly than other metal finishing processes. Anodising products do not contain heavy metals, halogens or volatiles (with exception of organic or integral colour anodising). The most common anodising effluents are: aluminium sulphate and aluminium hydroxide which are recycled for the manufacture of aluminium, baking powder, newsprint, cosmetics, or fertiliser or used by industrial waste water treatment systems.

The hardness of the material is about 8-9 on the MOHS scale of mineral hardness (ie between quartz and ceramic) yet is also brittle. Please note the sheet can be bent however hairline cracks will emerge around the bent area due to the hard, exterior surface.



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